A/C Replacement

AC Replacement


When a heatwave hits and your AC is busted, you’ll definitely be on the search for quality AC replacement. Many AC units in need of replacement are often older than 8 years. This is largely due to the AC’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER).  Older AC systems often hover at a SEER ratio of around 8 to 10, a low number compared to a newer AC’s SEER rating of 20. The higher your AC’s SEER rating, the more efficient your AC will be in delivering cool air to your home. Fortunately, our team of technicians at Guardian Heating and Air are here to help you get with the times. Our technicians are friendly, hard-working and will replace your AC in no time! We offer AC replacement around the clock at an affordable price. Still not convinced? Here are a few of the benefits you’ll receive with our AC replacement:


An AC That Will Last You the Entire Summer


At Guardian Heating and Air, we install nothing but the best. When you enlist us for your next AC replacement, you can guarantee your aged, failing AC will be replaced with the best AC today that’ll provide you with nonstop cool air. We only install AC’s that won’t quit on you when you need it the most, especially during the dog days of summer. Besides, what’s worse than being stuck without cool air in your home in the midst of a heatwave?


Not to Mention,  An AC With a High SEER Rating


As we mentioned earlier, an AC with a high SEER rating means its efficiency is off the charts. A newer AC made within the last few years will often carry a SEER rating hovering around 20, nearly twice the rating than an AC made a decade ago. There’s no doubt we’re living in a time of peak innovation in home cooling technology. We’ll work with you to find a high-quality, high-performance AC that’ll transform your home from a hotbox to the coolest place on the block.


A More Comfortable Home


California is a wonderful place to live. It bursts at the seems with culture and history, featuring everything from racing tracks to vineyards, and it’d be a shame to see your enjoyment hindered by a lack of quality AC in your home. An AC replacement from Guardian Heating and Air will cross one worry off your list and make your home a more comfortable living space.


You Will Save Money

Our team of technicians will go to great lengths to ensure your AC is replaced and installed with a powerful, enduring AC. And the best part? We’re saving you money! An AC of lesser quality can run into problem after problem, meaning more time and money spent of service requirements. Our AC replacement ensures you’ll save money in the long run.


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