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Heating System Maintenance

You should undergo heating system maintenance once a year. Unfortunately, too many people forego annual maintenance and allow their heating system to suffer in the process. There are plenty of things that could leave your heating system susceptible to a wide range of problems. A maintenance check is important in identifying any problem with your heating system, no matter how major or minor. Though you may not even consider maintenance as an option, it is absolutely essential for all homeowners. Luckily, Guardian Heating and Air is ready to conduct a maintenance check for your heating system. Our technicians will inspect your heating system at all angles and run tests to make sure it is running to the best of its abilities. We want you to avoid heating system failures at every turn, and the best way you can ensure quality performance is with our maintenance service. Here’s how our heating system maintenance can help you:


You Will Save Money

If you neglect your heating system and don’t undergo a maintenance check, problems with your heating system can build up to the point where you’re spending an unjust amount of money on repairs. We believe you shouldn’t have to spend a huge sum of cash on basic heating.  A maintenance check can eliminate problems with your heating system before they get out of hand. Our technicians will spot anything that seems suspect and could potentially harm the performance of your heating system. Think of us as the early birds who will catch the worm!


Maintenance Agreements Benefiting You

When you enlist the service of Guardian Heating and Air for maintenance services, we’ll arrange a maintenance agreement between you and our technicians that gives you routine service year-round for an annual fee.  With our maintenance agreement, you receive priority customer service, lower energy bills, improved capacity, and more.  At Guardian Heating and Air, we want you to get the most out of our service and receive benefits extending beyond our maintenance. You can also refer to the maintenance agreement for all future repairs and installation!


Great, Flexible Scheduling

Our technicians work around the clock so you can schedule maintenance at a time that works best for you. Our customers have vastly different schedules, and our technicians do their best to adjust to all of them. Unlike other maintenance services, Guardian Heating and Air aims to fit in with your schedule. We also offer 24/7 emergency services when you need a maintenance check immediately.


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Tune Up

Guardian Heating and Air offers unbeatable AC maintenance that will make sure

your AC is running all summer long. An annual AC Tune Up is important to rid

your system of any bugs or glitches that prevent it from delivering consistent cool

air to you and your family. Refusal to get a maintenance check could result in big

problems for your AC.   Normal wear and tear could worsen, wiring could become

faulty, and filters could become cluttered. These problems can only cost you more

money in repairs down the road, so a regular AC tune-up will nip potential problems

in the bud. Our technicians offer the best AC tune up. They’ll inspect your AC to

make sure it’s equipped with the proper wiring and fluids to keep the cool air blasting.

Here’s how our AC maintenance services can benefit you:


Flexible Scheduling

Are you done dealing with AC services that are always seemingly booked and only operate on a 9 to 5 schedule? Well, Guardian Heating and Air isn’t just your ordinary AC service, because our technicians will do their best to meet with you at a time that benefits you whether it be rain or shine, night or day, dawn or dusk. At Guardian Heating and Air, we aim to fit in with your schedule. After all, California is filled with people of vastly different occupations and lifestyles. Not everybody operates on the same clock, and our technicians understand this better than anyone else.


Quality Maintenance Agreements

We also offer maintenance agreements that will provide you with several benefits. Our maintenance agreement is a service contract between the customer and our technicians that allows our customers to pay an annual fee for any maintenance needs at any time of the year. The benefits include lower utility bills, priority customer service, 24-hour emergency service, inflation protection. When you sign a maintenance agreement with Guardian Heating and Air, you can count on quality service year-round!


A Dependable AC Guaranteed

Our technicians will examine your AC from top to bottom and look for every little problem with the unit. Sometimes the problems with your AC are often complex and difficult to identify, which is why our technicians will inspect every wire, filter, and fluid to make sure your AC is good and ready to go. When summertime hits, the heat can be overwhelming and once your AC receives a maintenance check from Guardian Heating and Air, you can count on your AC pulling you through the summer’s toughest days.

 An AC tune up may not seem a big deal, but it’s an important

step in ensuring cool air in your home!


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